Monday, February 24, 2020

American life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

American life - Essay Example This act is likely to make health institutions suffer major financial blows due to flooding of Medicaid patients while on the other hand the ordinary citizens are benefiting a lot (Pipes 83). Janny Scott is a journalist by profession who published an article in the New York Times back in 2005 about the three people who were recovering from heart attack. These persons included Jean Miele, Will Wilson, and Ewa Rynczak Gora. Miele was a prominent businessperson and an architect as well with Ewa being a housekeeper whose economic status was unstable. However, this essay will focus on the Miele and Ewa to discuss the effects of social-economic status of the American citizens in recovery and exposure to chronic health risks such as heart attack. Miele was 66 years old, an architect by profession, and a prominent businessperson who was able to get the best treatment during his recovery because of his financial capability. He experienced heart attack while walking on a sidewalk in Midtown Manhattan on his way back to work. Immediately after the attack, he quickly received the emergency care he need urgently and in a private hospital. The article states that Miele was being treated by one of the best cardiologists. He could also get the medical attention as fast as possible (Budrys 85). For example, his arteries were reopened within two hours after the first symptom. All these were significantly contributed by a number of factors such as his level of education, social-economic status his working and living environment among others. The level of education, social class as well as the environment that a person is living are principal factors that determine a lot the rate of recovery of an individual particularly in USA. A patient can easily loose his or her life especially if he or she has come from a poor background where by the family members and friends cannot afford quality medication. This is manifested by the